knockdown / re-build

Happy with your location and suburb?

If you are happy with your location and suburb and if you are thinking of a new home, the answer could be as simple as a KNOCKDOWN REBULD.

Talk to FGC Develpment to achive the design to suit you.

Please take a look at the 4 steps for rebuilding a new home on your existing block.

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your steps


Review your options

* Choose where you want to live. How important is it to you and your family to be close to services, schools and employment.
* For those with an existing home it is easier than you think to stay where you are and build a new home.
* Establish a budget for your house and land, speak to a bank or mortgage broker.
* Find your land or we can help and advise you on a suitable block.
* Select your solicitor.
* Purchase your land.
* Select your builder; don't just rely on glossy brochures and great offers alone. Longevity in the building industry, reliability and service are paramount to having a good building experience.


Select your builder

* Initial Meeting
At the initial meeting we ask that you provide us with information on the type of home you are looking for, the approximate size of the house you want, any special features, requirements you require. We ask that you provide us with as much information as you can which will allow us to get an understanding of your requirements. We will make comments and suggestions and then we will give you our fee proposal.


Design Stage

* Once our fee proposal is accepted and you have decided that we are the builders for you we will proceed to the initial sketch design stage.
* Choose a design to suit your life style and requirements and will allow your family to grow into.
* You will review the sketch plans and we will refine the drawings and changes and once you are happy with the sketch drawings we will provide a price and inclusions.
* You will then be asked to review your fixed price home proposal and finalise those last minute changes
* Sign your proposal, pay your depoist.



* Review and sign your contract through your solicitor.
* Choose colours.
* Plans lodged for approval.
* The planning Authority and bank will then give the green light, (building and finance approval) and building can then start.